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Click the rent now button to rent online and start moving in to your unit today! You will receive a text message after renting a unit with your gate code and unit number so you can start moving in immediately. Your unit will be unlocked and ready for you to move in. All you need is a lock!

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Never rented a storage unit before? We've got you covered. Check out these tips to help you pack and organize your storage near Hinesville GA. Keeping your storage unit organized will help ensure you can easily find your belongings during your move.

Tips for Storing Furniture in Storage Units

MMJ Self Storage units are perfect for storing furniture that you wish to keep but do not currently have space for. When packing away furniture in a storage unit, proper protection is important to help ensure your furniture stays in great condition. If packing large furniture, consider disassembling it to make the moving process easier. During the disassembly process, make sure to store screws, nuts, and other hardware in plastic bags so they do not get lost.

We recommend protecting furniture by wrapping it in protective sheets, blankets, or furniture covers. This can help prevent scratches and damage that can occur during the moving process.

Tips for Storing Appliances in Hinesville Storage Units

Our spacious storage units are great places to store washers, dryers, fridges, and other household appliances. Before storing a refrigerator in a storage unit, make sure to defrost it completely. Only store appliances once they are fully dry.

Water should be drained from washing machines before storage, helping to prevent damage and mold growth. Like furniture, wrapping appliances in heavy duty moving blankets can help protect them while in your storage unit. Clothes should be completely dry before packing to prevent mold and mildew growth.

Tips for Storing Clothing in Storage Units 

Many tenants pack away off-season clothing in storage units. Many local retailers sell specially designed wardrobe boxes which allow you to leave your clothing on hangers for packing. You can also utilize vacuum-sealed packs to keep your clothing from wearing. Cardboard boxes or plastic storage totes should be properly labeled to ensure you know the contents of each container.